Episode 183 | Enterprise Integration: Redesigned.


To complete our week of networking at the Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assembly in Denver, we had the pleasure to chat with Tam Ayers, Field CTO, North America at Digibee. Digibee enables organizations to build flexible, highly scalable integration architecture. Their platform allows enterprises to compete and excel in today’s rapidly changing digital environment. On this episode of #millenniumlive Tam discusses the importance of a connected enterprise, how low-code impact developer productivity, and keeping technology as up to date as possible. He also shares some interesting findings in Digibee's state of enterprise integration report, launched this year. Tam is an entrepreneur and tech leader. He’s spent more than a decade focusing on technical solutions and human-centric design. After achieving his B.S. in Computer Science at Virginia Tech, Tam put his skills to work at ServiceNow and TruNorth Global before joining Digibee.

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