Episode 174 | Get A Grip On Your SaaS Security


This week's episode welcomes a company pioneering endpoint-centric SaaS security. Lior Yaari CEO & Co-Founder of Grip, joins the podcast to discuss how Grip empowers security teams to safeguard business-led IT and modern work. Each SaaS app is an attack path, and most SaaS apps are outside of anyone's view. Grip unifies the SaaS attack surface and applies universal protection for any app, any user, on any device, in any location, at any time. Grip was founded to bring much-needed innovation to SaaS security, and Lior further explains Grip's mission to not compromise (secure SaaS across 100% of applications across devices and users), Make it simple (don’t require incremental expertise or resourcing), make it cost effective, with no marketing fluff. What is special about Grip is its elite team elite leadership, period. Lior co-founded the company along with Idan Fast, CTO and Alon Shenkler, VP R&D.

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