Episode 167 | Using Technology to Create a Frictionless Healthcare Consumer Experience


Most people can agree that a large number of hospitals and healthcare organizations are lagging when it relates to the healthcare consumer experience. Most people would also agree that better patient engagement drives better outcomes. Mercury Healthcare is the only technology-enabled engagement company that creates seamless patient experiences through data-driven insights and empowers organizations to intelligently engage consumers through strategic solutions. Manish Goel, Chief Technology Officer at Mercury Healthcare, joins #MillenniumLive to tackle how healthcare organizations can utilize technology to develop strategies for growth, revenue generation, and to create a seamless consumer experience. 

Prior to Mercury Healthcare, Manish served as Global Head, Technology Solutions for Envision Pharma Group where he oversaw the development and support of the entire Envision solution portfolio. Previously, Manish oversaw the development and implementation of various technology offerings at companies including IQVIA and Oracle. Manish received his PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow, India and his BE of Mechanical Engineering from VJTI in Mumbai, India.

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