Episode 166 | Reimagine Recognition


Rewards and recognition are proven to improve morale and boost employee loyalty. That means retention goes up! The process is simple: when people are recognized and rewarded for doing a good job, they are more motivated and more engaged in their work. Awardco makes employee recognition simple and easy so your people feel valued more and more often. We welcome Erika Hunt, Enterprise Sales Executive & Malachi Hopoate, Head of Client Education on #millenniumlive, to discuss how Awardco is helping companies across the globe offer truly rewarding recognition with one, easy software platform. Awardco offers more choices because employee rewards aren’t one-size-fits-all. Millennium Live learns all about their reward network, which includes Amazon Business, some unique ways clients use the their platform, and Awardco’s most popular offerings. Watch the episode to learn more about how Awardco is making it easy to make employees happy.

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