Episode 141 | Jose Arrieta


#MillenniumLive is happy to conitune Alex's series with our keynote speaker this week. Jose Arrieta is the former Chief Information Officer and Interim Chief Data Officer of HHS. He is a respected leader in applying emerging technologies, especially blockchain, ai & machine learning, and process automation. He oversaw $6.3B in IT investments, $800B in grants and $26B in Federal contracts in his last three years at HHS. Jose led the creation & implementation of the largest public health surveillance capability in the U.S. during the pandemic and the first enterprise grade supervised machine learning capability to help more accurately distribute testing supplies and predict hot spots across the United States. Arrieta successfully defended the HHS network against multiple large scale nation state cyber-attacks. He built and led the implementation of the first blockchain based solution for lowering licensing costs and decreasing the timeline of the procurement process in the federal government. He created and teaches the first blockchain course (and crypto currency) at the Johns Hopkins University as well as entrepreneurial finance. When he left government, Jose founded small business called Imagineeer, an IT solutions company that currently is focused on fund raising, blockchain enabled diagnostic development, cyber security solutions and quantum inspired optimization capabilities. He works with Federal customers evaluating and valuing venture backed technology starts ups in the health and national security space. He’s launched a technology start-up to enable digital twins with a focus on mental health. Jose lives in San Diego at the moment 😀 and has two young children.

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