Episode 160 | Realize the ROI of Implementing Self-Service Online Triage


To kick off the week of The Millennium Alliance Patient Experience & Digital Health Assembly, #MillenniumLive welcomes Adeel Malik, Co-Founder & CEO at Clearstep. There are few health systems in the U.S. that are properly equipped to service patient consumers in a manner that is easiest, safest and most convenient for them. Therefore, enhancing patient experiences and automate care access with clinical AI chat solutions to make it easy for patient consumers to self-navigate to the right care is exactly what Clearstep is all about. Adeel shares that the entire team at Clearstep see a world where everyone gets the right care at the right time, and shares insight into the incredible innovation that empowers patient consumers to triage themselves to the most accurate care and services. To put it simply, their mission is to make healthcare easy for everyone.

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